Sophie Grace’s Stitch Fix

#1 for 2019

So, Sophie Grace has been receiving Stitch Fix since last summer I believe? She’s had 3-4 boxes and she gets them every three months sooo I think my math is correct on that. LOL

What is Stitch Fix you ask? Well it’s a clothing subscription program. You pay $20 for each box to be assembled by your personal stylist and sent to your home where you get several days to review/try on the pieces and decide which ones you want to keep. That $20 you paid will be taken off your entire purchase price, AND if you decide to keep the entire box you get a 25% discount on top of that $20 off ! If you don’t decide to keep anything (which has never happened for us) you do lose that $20 investment.
Stitch Fix also offers a service for women’s and men’s clothing . I briefly did Stitch Fix and Shaun receives a box every three months to keep his work wear updated  and fresh since he loathes shopping and I loath trying to find something he likes. 

She typically gets around 10 pieces in each box that range from $10-$30 a piece. It’s really a fun way to keep her wardrobe refreshed, and she always enjoys seeing the box at the door full of stuff just for her!

For this fix, we kept four items. Two dresses, one pair of leggings, and a light weight sweatshirt. Things I keep in mind when choosing the items to keep? For dresses, I like to make sure that they will transition well to a tunic top for when they inevitably become too short for her to wear alone. She’s incredibly tall for her age and size which means there is really a brief period in time when a dress is appropriately long enough on its’ own.

I think that I have kept one to two pairs of leggings out of each box she’s received. She doesn’t really wear ‘real’ pants – as in ones with zippers and buttons and/or snaps. Why? Well for one – early on in life she let me know that those kinds of pants were not comfortable to her. And two, she’s still getting the hang of potty training so pants that are easy to pull up and down on her own are a must.

I rarely keep the shirts, but if I do I like for them to obviously be of higher quality than something I can easily grab at Target or Old Navy which is where I typically shop for her. And she honestly doesn’t wear a lot of traditional tops, because they just don’t fit well on her because of her height. We use a lot of dresses that have become too short as tops. 🙂

I’m pretty much in love with the floral dress from this fix. I just think it’s dreamy and romantic and is a great piece to move into spring with. The little cardigan I paired it with was one that her grandmother bought a while ago.

I am not going to lie and say anything other than I kept these heart leggings because I thought they would be cute for Vday. 🙂 Also, they look really great with the GIRL POWER sweatshirt she got.

The little rosey blush colored dress we kept was just something that I felt was a classic piece and would once again also look great as a top later on.

Do you guys use Stitch Fix? I think I may schedule one for Cooper for this summer. He wears a uniform to school which is why I haven’t scheduled one for him yet.

— Ashley