Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats + a Chit Chat Sesh

Hey hey! Happy early Valentine’s day…or happy actual VDay – depending on when you’re actually reading this. 😉

I was perusing Instagram stories – truly one of my favorite guilty pleasures – and got some inspiration from @cottonstem to make and decorate some cookies for Valentine’s day. So..the kids and I attempted just that along with some cake pops!

The cookie dough is just a pre-made sugar cookie dough from Pillsbury that I picked up at target. I rolled it out flat and we used these cookie cutters from Amazon to get our Vday inspired shapes. I had plans of icing and sprinkling these – but the kids were pretty much over it after the rolling and cutting and baking and were ready to eat them. Sooo we skipped that part.

We had a really great weekend. Saturday Cooper had a classmate’s birthday party to attend, and both kids spent the night at Grammy and Ppop’s while I got to go for a night out with my best girl!

Sunday was just a usual chill day spent catching up on household chores and getting ready for the next week. Sophie Grace and I did our Sunday night ritual of going to Winn-Dixie to shop for groceries. She’s my favorite shopping buddy, and she just loves Winn-Dixie because they have little shopping baskets that she can pull around and load up with things from our list.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I am not ready AT ALL. haha I’ve been in a funk over some literal sickness funk that’s been going around our house. We have had our fair share of savage allergies + sinus infections lately. I’ll be glad to move on from all of that!

Sometimes this season of life that we are in : littles who have just begun school and incorporating all the extra social events that come along with that into our previously chill lifestyle – feels overwhelming and I feel like I’m just keeping my head above water with staying up to date with everything, but generally it all just makes me feel so happy and filled up.

Having babies sure does make the holidays sweeter. They love to celebrate. They love a party. The love decorations and festiveness. And I’m just here for all of that childlike excitement. And not to sound tooo cheesy but : It’s all really just magical.

How was you guys’ weekend and week so far? Did you celebrate Valentine’s day over the weekend or are you doing it tomorrow? Also, someone come eat all of these treats!!

— Ashley