Target’s Flamingo Shave Line

Haaay .. HAPPY FRIYAY!! Friday is my favorite day. I mean, hands down. It’s the excitement and anticipation of the weekend to come, knowing I’ll likely get a full nights’ sleep since the kids will be gone, and putting a week of work and school behind us so that we can look forward to a fresh start.

Seriously. Fridays are the best. 🙂

BUT ANYWAY – I digress….

I thought I’d spend some time today talking to you guys about a new shaving brand that I tried out recently. I got an email from my fave store, Target, announcing that they had a new women’s shave brand of products for sale. It’s called Flamingo ,and it’s the answer to the women’s version of Harry’s.  If you go to their site and read the little tab labeled ‘Our Story‘ – you’ll see that this brand was designed and created by women for women to use on a woman’s body. The name Flamingo was inspired by the one legged pose that you typically make while in the shower while shaving.

The branding + color theme is very muted and monochromatic. I like that it’s not over the top bright pink or any other stereotypical feminine branding. As I’ve stated before, I have a thing for neutrals and muted tones. So basically, I was intrigued from the get go. AND I had actually been contemplating purchasing a Harry’s razor to try out for myself. So, I figured why not give this new brand a go? Flamingo offers a razor with three different handle colors, a shave cream, two wax kit sets, and a body lotion.

I shave my legs every single day, and prior to this I was using some random Gillette disposable razor. What are my thoughts after using this razor for about a week now?

I think that this whole line is incredibly affordable, AND costs the exact same amount as their ‘male’ counterpart [the Harry’s line] which is great considering a lot of times female branded products cost more than their male branded counterparts. Everything is $10 and under which is fantastic.

The shave cream is buttery and from the first swipe of my new razor against my skin – I was hooked. I wouldn’t say that it was some groundbreaking/life changing/outer body experience… BUT I did end up with a really nice and close shave. 😉 And TBH – prior to using this shave cream – I was just using bar soap to lather my legs before shaving. I have to say that the combination of this particular razor head + this particular shave cream is really a sweet spot. The razor had has that typical hydrating strip above the blades, but what I like about the flamingo razor is that it’s an overly raised hydrating strip. The whole razor head is pretty flat which allows for a super close shave.

I also purchased the facial wax strips to test out. I’ve never waxed my face before – and I have to say that it was a much more pleasant experience than I expected. I do regularly dermaplane my skin to take care of the short fuzzy hair and dead skin cells on my face.. Waxing definitely took way less time and I’m hoping it lasts longer too. 🙂 In addition to the face wax kit, you can buy a body wax kit for waxing areas like your legs and underarms.

One of the things that really struck me was the message that this brand is acknowledging that women have hair. We’re hairy just like men and that’s ok. And they aren’t encouraging that you need to hide your hairiness – that you can chose to get rid of it or keep it in all manner of variation that fits your lifestyle and comfort level. And most importantly they want to give you the tools to groom in whatever way you want so that you can afford to do it wherever you want to on your own terms.

If you’re interested in checking Flamingo out, you can purchase it from Target or straight from their website. Have you guys tried this line yet?

— Ashley