Bath Time Self Care: Must Haves

Hay hay! Happy FriYAY to you guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful week. Cooper has had the flu + an ear infection this week and today is our first ‘typical’ day since this past Sunday and I am just estactic about that! If you don’t know already, I live and thrive in routine… so the disruption to our schedule plus my poor baby suffering have just made this week kinda cray. BUT it’s Friday and things are **mostly** back to normal and I’m HERE for that.

So! To the actual point of this post. lol Self care is such an important important thing. Self care is taking time to check in on yourself and make sure that your needs are being met, and if you find that they aren’t being met, taking the necessary time and energy to do just that. I know that people will often be like, ” Self care is actually so much deeper than things like getting a massage, manicure, or taking a bubble bath.” And while that is sometimes true. Sometimes self care is as simple as taking a bubble bath every night. For me, having my me time bath time while surrounded by bubbles is a must have for my self care routine.

And because taking a bath is something I do like it’s my job – I have kind of gathered up a few essential products that make that my bath a self care event. And well, one night while I was partaking in my sacred bubble bath – I thought it might be a cool idea to share with you all some of my Bath Time MUST HAVES. 🙂 So, let’s get to that shall we?

First up for me in the arena of bath must haves is definitely the BUBBLES. In the world of bubble bath – Dr Teal’s Foaming bath is KING. I promise you that you will not find another bubble bath that makes better bubbles and smells better. Ok I haven’t tried alllll the bubble baths so I can’t really make that promise. But I do promise you’ll be impressed by and fall in love with Dr Teal’s foaming bath. The Activated Charcoal and Lava and Coconut Oil versions are my absolute FAVEsto use.

Another must have for me when it comes to my self care bath time is Epsom salt. Once again Dr Teal’s takes the cake. You can actually smell and feel the Epsom working which is basically the entire point. I pretty much like all the varieties of Epsom that Dr Teal’s offers. A little bath time hack? You should pour your Epsom salt directly under the water as it pours from the spout.

If you are ever so unblessed as to come down with a cold – Village Naturals makes a mineral salt soak that says it’s for aches and pains which I don’t disagree with BUT it will also clear your sinuses right up.

Candles – listen I know that sounds cheesy and maybe something you’d only reserve to ‘setting the mood’ if your person is joining you in the bath. But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it alone. I don’t light candles for every bath, but when I do – I thoroughly enjoy it. 🙂 I just use regular white candles that aren’t scented. But if you have a favorite candle with a calming/relaxing scent – I’d say use that one!

A body scrub. This particular one from Dove is the shiz. The scent I lurve is Macadamia and Rice Milk. It’s pretty heavenly. But beyond the smell – the point is that exfoliating is so good for your skin and it just feeels good. I especially love to use the scrub on my legs right before I shave. I feel like I get the best shave that way. This body scrub is really gentle and is great for all over your body. Sometimes, I like an intense exfoliate for my legs before I shave – and I’ll opt for a sugar scrub.

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Anddd there you have it! my bath time self care must haves! Do you use a bath as a time for self care?

— Ashley