Amazon Haul – February 2019

If I had to name the top three places where I consistently spend a good chunk of change, they would be: 1 – Target 2 – Amazon 3 – Starbucks. I get the same drink from Starbucks every time.. a Trenta Iced Coffee. And THANKFULLY – there’s no easy way to access all the things I’ve bought at Target. Amazon though? Amazon is a magical place where I can buy pretty much whatever pops into my head, I don’t have to leave wherever I am at the moment, and there’s a nice little neat record of what I’ve bought that is easily accessible over time. SO – I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what I’ve bought on Amazon each month and what my thoughts are on each of those products. ! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Alright – a quick rundown? I bought 13 items for a total of $136.12 which I think is a very … what’s the word??? Modest. I think that’s a fairly modest amount of money to have been spent in a month’s time.

And I know, I know – tomorrow is the actual last day of the month. I’m fairly certain I won’t buy anything else between now and then. Like 95% sure. Anyway, we’ll see. hahaha

1. WDIRARA Women’s Summer Short Sleeve All Over Red Lip Print – $11.99 This shirt is absolutely cute. The material is definitely great quality. I’m just not a huge fan of the fit. It’s short and boxy which doesn’t work well for me. I’ve only worn it once…. anddd I’m not sure I’ll wear it again. Anyone like short and boxy shirts? You pay shipping and I’ll send this one to ya. 😉 I ordered a large, and I’d say it fits more like a medium.

2. FV Relay Women’s Summer Cute Eyelash Lip Print TShirt $12.99  OOk so first of all, this thing runs VERY small. I ordered an XXL and I’d say it fits more like a medium – to a small large. Otherwise, I really like it! The length is perfect and I like how it’s that stretchy/slinky/slightly weighted tshirt material. Probably the biggest complaint in the Amazon Review section is that the lips are bright pink and not red like they appear to be in the listing. I knew that going in, because I read reviews. 😉

3. Valentine’s Day Cookie Cutter Set – $11.49 I have zero complaints about this. They did a great job of cutting the cookie dough and it seems like they are going to be really durable and stand the test of time and dishwasher abuse. 😉

4.  Cranberry, 5. Raspberry, and 6. Blackberry Bubly – Sparkling Water $13.78 (for all three) If you see me drinking something it is either going to be water, coffee, wine, or a vodka soda. Carbonated water is my favorite and most consumed type of liquid. Bubly released these new flavors about a month(ish) ago and the only place I can get them is through Amazon Pantry. They are all really good, but Black Berry is the BEST. I’ll definitely order it again.

 7. Plant Therapy Top 6 Organic Essential Oils Set – $29.99 I ordered this because one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram (@skiptomyluca) recommended it one day – and I’d wanted to try out diffusing essential oils for a while…so basically she got me at the right moment and I clicked ‘buy now’ through her link! So far, I am pretty much obsessed with diffusing my oils. I love mixing the lemon + orange for a nice clean scent. And lemon + lavender are great for clearing out food smells in the kitchen when I’m finished cooking! When I posted about getting these on MY Instagram stories, I did get a couple people who responded saying that they also really loved this brand!

8. Truworth Bedding Extra Soft Body Pillow Cover $11.98    This pillow cover is truly very very soft and cuddly worthy. If you’re in the market for a fuzzy and soft body pillow case – I’d definitely go with this brand.

9.  Opti-Free Multi Purpose Disinfecting Solution $ 17.09 (2pack) and 10. Cottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper $8.99 These two are part of my monthly subscribe. I have oftentimes had issues with other contact solution brands switching up their formulas for different ingredients that hurt my eyes. I have never ever had that issue with Opti-Free which has made me a very loyal customer! And we just prefer cottonelle over any other tp brand. 🙂

11. Tangomar Carton Water Coloring Magic Book $8.99 I bought this for Sophie Grace after buying a coloring book just like it for her from Cooper’s book fair. Basically it comes with a marker that you open and fill with water. They color on the pages with this water marker and designs appear. It is a great mess free coloring option for younger children. Sophie is 3.5 and she absolutley loves it. The great part is that when the pages dry the designs disappear and they can color it all over again later!

12. Sojo Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses $13.99    I have bought so many different pairs of Sojo sunglasses through Amazon that I cannot recommend this brand enough. I’ve had this particular pair numerous times, but needed a new one – because: my kids can be destructive + I lose things. 😉

13. ClosetMaid Tie and Belt Rack $9.88 I was folding laundry one day and got fed up with the way Shaun is storing his ties in there. He just hangs them on the clothing rack that I need to use to hang clothes as I fold. That day I’d had enough of not having space to hang clothes! So I grabbed my phone and went straight to amazon for a storage solution!

Whew! That’s it.. what did you guys buy on Amazon this month?? I’m always interested to see what other people are buying.

— Ashley