The Gulf Islands Nat’l Seashore Park at Davis Bayou : Why we love it!

I am always an advocate for getting my kids out of the house and outside. It’s good for their health and good for their soul and really good for my sanity. LOL But really, we always enjoy getting out and doing things like going to play at the park or digging in the sand at the beach or exploring a nature trail. The Davis Bayou part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park here in Ocean Springs, MS is definitely one of our top places we like to go to stretch our legs and just really enjoy our hometown. In fact, we went there again today (aka yesterday if you’re reading this when the post publishes ) – so it occurred to me to share with you guys how much we love it.

It’s located right off Hwy 90 in Ocean Springs, and it always feels like you’re entering a different world when you turn into the park. You go from the hustle , bustle, and traffic ridden city to entering a beautiful, wooded, quiet, and peaceful area.

There is a campground where you can camp with your RV or with tents, boat launch, and fishing pier, BUT we really like the nature trails and visitor center.

The particular trail that we do is a 1/2 mile loop and is perfect for going on with the kids. I’ve been taking mine there for years… Sophie was navigating the trail with ease when she was a brand new walker. There’s also a little area where you can stand on a platform over the water to watch for alligators, turtles, and other critters that frequent the bayou.

What’s so neat is that I can remember standing in that exact spot as a kid with my own dad, and now I take MY children there! The kids really enjoy waiting and watching to see what critter is going to show up while we’re there.

The visitor center is a fun and welcome cool reprieve during the hot summer months when we’ve visited the trail. It’s full of educational displays about the Bayou and has a huge deck area out back over the water that you can walk around on to see some really beautiful views of the Bayou.

Whether you’re a local or you’re visiting us here in Ocean Springs, MS – The Davis Bayou part of the The Gulf Islands Nat’l Seashore Park is a really great place to spend the afternoon (or morning – whatever floats your boat! 😉 ) . I feel like it’s definitely a little hidden gem and is a place that really gives me all the heart eyes for this little town that we live in.

Tell me, what’s one your favorite things to do in your hometown??

Side note – gathering these pictures of my babies over the years has just really made me all sentimental about how much they’ve grown and changed!!

— Ashley