Birthday Gift Guide – for the Woman in Your Life

Hey hey! I don’t know if you knew it or not, but in case you don’t – March 21st is my birthday… so in honor of this wonderful day – I thought I’d put together a little birthday gift guide aka my birthday gift wish list. 😉

And honestly, I know SO MANY PEOPLE who are born between the months of April and May that I’m just like 95% positive that someone reading this will find it to come in handy in the upcoming weeks!

So here’s to adding some more thingamabobs to a girl’s collection.

  1. Cheetah Cork Earrings from Nickel and Suede – Size L – $27.00

If you know ME at all, then you know I love Nickel and Suede Earrings. They are pretty much the only earrings I wear – and I NEED this new print in my life. ASAP They are handmade leather and cork earrings that make a huge statement without the huge burden of pulling down your earlobes because they are super light! Seriously, they are life changing earrings and the girl in your life could definitely use a pair…or twenty. 😉

2. Kristen Ess Iconic Style Blow Dryer – $100.00

I have been eyeing this blow dryer for some time now. I know from past experience that it’s totally worth it to invest a good amount of money in your hair dryer ESPECIALLY if you use it often. Plus, this one is super pretty!

3. Bead Head Little Tease Hair Crimper – $18.74

I’ve seen people on social media using a hair crimper here and there and I’m here today to call it and say that they are going to be big thing soon 😉 . I Just want one. And I think it’d make a cute unexpected soon to be trendy gift. But mainly I want one. LOL

4. Wedding Date Necklace – $39.00

So, I really really need this. We just recently set our wedding date and how freaking cute does it look on this necklace??

5. Penn Carry – All | Black – $498.00

Listen, I know that this is really very expensive.. but you know it’s a hand made leather bag that is going to last your FOREVER and it’s an incredibly classic and versatile design. Totally worth that price tag. And totally needs to be on my arm. 😉

6. Skin Aries Ear Cuff in Dream| Sarah Briggs – $20.00

I’ve been wanting one of Sarah Briggs’ ear cuffs for some time now…and my birthday is just really a great excuse to get one!

So, there you have it! Tell me, anything on my list look like something a girl in your life would love??

— Ashley