Looking for Leopard Sneakers

Hey hey! I don’t know about you, but leopard is one of my favorite prints. It’s really a timeless neutral that is great to have in many different forms within your wardrobe. For me, it is an absolute must that I have a pair of leopard sneakers.

I noticed the other day that my pair from Target that I bought last summer are really starting to show wear and tear. 🙁 This sad revelation has put me on the hunt for a new pair, and well, I thought I’d take you guys along on that journey! And really let’s just be honest – this a great way for me to compile my list and have a place to reference back to. 😉

I really prefer/always have gone for slip on sneakers. If I do get lace up sneakers, I just tie them loosely enough so that I can slip them on and off without having to untie them. So, while it was initially my preference to find another pair of slip on leopard sneakers – I did come across some lace up ones that are too cute as well which has just really made the decision making process really hard. I mean, I know I need one pair of leopard sneakers, but would several be overkill?? 😉

I’ve included finds from all different price ranges : affordable to higher end.

Keds X Kate Spade Double Decker Slip on Sneaker from Nordstrom – $110.00

Lace Up Sneakers from H&M – $12.99

Platform Lace up Sneakers from H&M – $29.99

J. Adams Round Toe Slip on Sneaker from Amazon – $29.90

Lilian Micro – Suede Slip On Sneaker – Universal Threads from Target – $29.99

Steve Madden from Journeys – $59.99

Vans Women’s Asher Delux Shoes from Academy – $54.99

What do you guys think? Did you see a pair that you felt like you must immediately #addtocart ?? 😉

— Ashley