This Is Life Lately 3.25.19

Hello there! I hope that Monday is treating you well, and that you’re really enjoying beginning the week that lies before us! I know that I’m ready for this week and of course I’m already looking forward to the weekend. 😉 I’ve got some fun plans with bestie who is in town for the week – among other things!

But – before I jump ahead to the week and weekend to come… let’s take a look back at the past two weeks around these parts:

Since I last left off with my previous TILL post – I’ve done some real concrete wedding planning which has me just all kinds of excited. What have I done exactly?

-Well we set a date!
-Booked a venue + photographer
-I did some serious work on my Pinterest Board and got my head around my theme
-I set my Bridesmaid dinner to do my official propose to them!

As always, the kids and I have been soaking up our after school afternoons together. The extended daylight hours have really had me in the mood to take advantage of that extra time with the sun. We’ve been doing things like staying after pickup to play outside the school with friends, going to the park, getting a couple popsicles from Pop Brothers, and taking spontaneous trips to Target + Chick-Fil-A for a little mid week date. 🙂

It seems like it’s birthday season for everyone … we celebrated mine and my brother’s birthdays over the past two weeks, and we also attended one of Cooper’s classmates’ birthday party which was a total blast for the kids. The party was held at Middleton Farm which is a local family owned dairy farm in Mosspoint, MS. Not only are they a functional farm, but they also do things like host educational tours, birthday parties, and fall farm-y activities. The kids had so much fun during the party that I had to literally drag them away!

This past Friday night, Shaun and I ate at Patio 44 in Biloxi to celebrate my Birthday while the kids spent the night with Grammy and Ppop.

The following Saturday we (Grammy, Ppop, and I) took the kids out for a little Saturday Funday. We hit up the Big Play Family Fun Center in Biloxi for some bowling and arcade game time. While the kids did have a lot of fun, I pretty much decided that this would be the last chance we gave that place. I’ve taken the kids there twice now…and both times it just really was more of a hassle for me. This past time the service was absolutely terrible. BUT we didn’t let that get us down. 🙂 After playtime, we swung by the VA Cemetery to visit the kids’ Mawmaw’s grave for the first time since her death this past December. And we also went by my grandparents’ graves which are in the same cemetery. And then we rounded out the day with a late lunch at Woody’s before heading back home to relax for .2 seconds which was long enough for the kids to get bored and insist that mommy spend some time on the trampoline with them. 😉

I did spend the late Sunday morning/early afternoon taking a little mental and physical trip down memory lane as I traveled to George County to visit with my best girl during her father’s funeral. I felt like we’d just done all of that with Shaun’s mom – and I just found myself thinking how crazy it was to find myself at a time in my life where my people’s parents are passing away. 🙁 Very surreal and very grounding. It definitely made me cling even tighter to my boo and babes when I got home that afternoon. And then that afternoon was a pretty chill and relaxing day full of lots of afternoon time out in the front yard enjoying the sunshine, our weekly Winn Dixie grocery trip, and drinking a couple glasses of champagne for no good reason other than being so incredibly grateful for my life and people with whom I spend everyday.

Tell me, what have you been up to lately? Are you enjoying the Spring as much as we are?

— Ashley