Saturday Share – 3.30.19

Well looky here.. it’s me.. posting on a SATURDAY?! lol I thought I’d start a new little series on the blog that runs on Saturdays where I share with you some of the things I’ve run across online that have caught my eye and made me linger for a bit. What kinds of things you ask? Well most likely there will be lots of links to blog posts I’ve read throughout the week, or links to products I want to buy, or maybe even a few funny memes. The possibilities are just really endless!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy..and I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

This Kitchen Island face lift gave me all the heart eyes and made me want to do the same thing to ours!

I’m OBSESSING over the new shape of Nickel and Suede earrings that were released in their Spring line up. N&S earrings are a staple in my life and I just love how they are continually innovating and repeatedly producing such cute quality products! AND they came out with a new Leopard Print earring.. I need all three of the ones I highlighted above!

This Lunar Coffee Art Print by LVBART.COM. I mean – ok THIS gave me all the heart eyes. I need this in my life. And so do you. 😉

This Instagram Post. I saw it shared multiple times on several different accounts that I follow. I even shared it to my stories. It’s a super important read.

Variations of this Tweet became a viral meme several days ago – and I Really thought it was hilarious. Then, I saw this article where the writer (s) were encouraging people not do that and other “challenges” where you post things that correlate with parts of your identity.. Like your ‘stripper name’ where the first is the street you grew up on and the last is your middle name, because the article says that this is a widespread way for scammer to search for information about you. Which while that could be a valid point.. don’t we all pretty much already post all those things willingly on our Social Media Pages? If nothing else, your birthday is most likely plastered on your Facebook page so that all your frands can wish you a Happy Bday when it rolls around 😉

So, anyway mine is:

What are some things you have been crushing on or found amusing? Please feel free to share right back with me down in the comments! 🙂

— Ashley