Kids’ Target Swimsuits

Hello! And happy Friyay ! Spring has FINALLY sprung, and we are experiencing some pretty consistent warmish weather around here. Sophie Grace asks at least three times a week if it’s summer yet – immediately followed by inquires about whether or not the splash pads are open yet. Unfortunately I have to let her down each time..but I mean I feel that. I am definitely ready for the Summer time and all the activities that that entails!

A week or so ago Target had a BOGO 50% off sale on their swimsuits. I’d walked by the kids’ swimsuits a million times prior and thought to myself each time that I needed to grab a fresh suit for the kids before they became all picked over. SO, when Target announced the sale, I knew that I needed to take advantage and go ahead and grab some new suits for the kids. Sophie can still wear hers from last year, but Cooper had definitely outgrown his. I grabbed Coop this gray rash guard and these shark print bottoms. They weren’t sold as a set, but I thought they worked well together! Unfortunately I can’t find Sophie’s online. πŸ™

Also, during Cooper’s spring break which is in about two weeks – we are going to Destin for a couple of days. I felt like that was definitely validation to grab them some fresh suits. πŸ˜‰

I always try to get suits with a rash guard. It just puts my mind at ease knowing that their shoulders and chest and upper back are always protected from the sun. My babes are fair complected with freckles which means they burn so so easily. I still apply sunscreen all over them, but I know that having the rash guard on top means I don’t have to worry with reapplying to those parts of their bodies. And if you have kids, you know the struggle is real with doing those reapplications once you’re at the beach or splash pad.

We went to a pool party for one of Coop’s classmates shortly after I bought their new suits which was great because they got a test run. I have major regret about buying Soso a one piece. lol It’s sooo much easier to manage potty breaks with a two piece. I had to completely strip her down which was a major pain. But, lesson learned. πŸ˜‰

So yeah, I am very much looking forward to our mini vacay and seeing these beach babes live it up in the sun and sand.

Before we go to Destin next week – I’m definitely going to purchase them a couple more suits.. for sure getting Sophie a two piece this time. πŸ˜‰

Do you guys have any Spring vacations planned? Where’s your go to place to purchase swimsuits?

— Ashley