This Is Life Lately – 4.22.19

Well hello there! It’s Monday – one of my favorite days… despite the bad rap that Monday gets, she’s really a good one because of the fresh start that she represents! And what better kind of Monday than a Monday spent on vacation which is exactly what THIS Monday is for me! We’re headed over to Destin, Fl for a little family vacation, but I wanted to pop in this space and give you guys a brief run down of what’s been going on for us lately.

At the end of March I got to spend some time with my bestie and her boyfriend while we watched some of our friends play in their band at the IP Casino Chill Bar.

It seems we’ve been celebrating Cooper’s birthday since the beginning of April! He had a mini celebration the actual day of his birthday and then two different parties (one for family and one for his classmates/friends).

We did his friend/classmate party at a local crafting store called Create A Craft. The kids got to each pick out a figure to paint and then take home with them. I think it turned out really well…and all the kids seemed to have a blast! And I think the kids and I will definitely come back sometime. They host parties, but you can also just drop in and create something. There’s no need to plan an appointment time! I wrote about his family birthday party at home here.

Not only did we celebrate Coop for weeks, but we also had my sister’s birthday and Shaun’s birthday in the mix! It’s always fun to celebrate your people on their birthday and I know I’ve enjoyed this birthday season in our lives…but also I’m ready for it to have passed. LOL Between family and classmates’s parties this introverted momma has planned and been to enough birthday celebrations to last for a while over the past two months!

We hired a landscaper to come out and update our yard which I am just loving. It makes me the house look so put together.

That’s MoMoMonkey in her hand. He’s a treasure that she must have at all times.

Sophie had Spring pictures .. I haven’t gotten the actual pictures back from the school but when I took some before school that particular day – she was ready to slay. hehe πŸ™‚ We got so many compliments on her sunflower jumpsuit. My mom found it somewhere online and it was just the perfect outfit for picture day!

We’ve also been spending lots of time outdoors soaking up the extended daylight hours and warmer temps!

What have YOU guys been up to?

— Ashley