Saturday Share – 4.6.2019

Hey hey! Happy SATURDAY! I started this little series on the blog that runs on Saturdays where I share with you some of the things I’ve run across online that have caught my eye and made me linger for a bit. What kinds of things you ask? Well most likely there will be lots of links to blog posts I’ve read throughout the week, or links to products I want to buy, or maybe even a few funny memes. The possibilities are just really endless!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy..and I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

  1. So I’m digging all things pearl embellished lately. I saw this jean jacket featured by one of my fave bloggers, but it’s a bit out of my price range. So, what did I do? Well I went straight to Amazon and found one almost equally as cute and for WAY less! πŸ™‚ And of course Amazon suggested other things, and I found this absolutely cute pearl embellished long light weight cardigan.
  2. As much as I try to slow down on the weekends and just chill – I always find myself trying to arrange something to do with the kids. Lately we’ve had a ton of birthday parties to attend so that’s helped take that urge to plan off my plate. However, I know that soon the birthday season will subside and I ran across this cute post from A Beautiful Mess full of simple yet fun things to do on the weekend as a family.
  3. I read this post on the Lauren McBride blog about dyeing Easter Eggs naturally. Basically with food items. And I really loved how her colors turned out. So I think I may give this a try!
  4. A blog post that has really resonated with me is this one from Dad and Buried that talks about breaking the routine with your kids. Just like with anyone we live our day to day life with (spouse, parents, siblings, roommates…etc) – we can totally get caught up in executing our routines when it comes to living life with our kids at home. Especially when you are a working parent and have limited time with your children in the morning and evenings which are always such a hectic time trying to do things like get ready and out the door for the day or get settled down for dinner, bath, and bed time! Sometimes its really great to just change things up and spend some actual quality time being present with our children.
  5. Soooo I am a liar, because in my Spring Shoe Capsule post I said I didn’t plan on buying any new shoes AND THEN…I did. Oops. In my defense, they were super cheap and I didn’t account for a shoe option that was suitable for the beach…or suitable to be exposed to messier conditions. I saw that Birkenstock makes rubbery versions of their shoes! And then I saw that you can get almost the same thing from Walmart for way cheaper which is what I did. lol I haven’t worn them yet…but I’ll let ya know how they hold up.

— Ashley

Amazon Birthday HAUL

Oh hello there… it’s me again..showing you some things that I got from Amazon. I briefly mentioned in my ‘Monthly Amazon Haul’ post for March that Shaun gifted me an Amazon Gift Card for my birthday, and that I planned on sharing those purchases with you separately. So! Here I am to do just that. πŸ™‚

I tried to be really intentional about what I bought. I knew that I had become increasingly frustrated while trying to pick out clothes for work each day. I’d somehow allowed myself to accumulate a closet FULL of t-shirts even though I really rarely ever wear t-shirts! So, since he’d given me the Amazon Gift Card – I thought I’d use that opportunity to spend it on collecting some clothing items I can wear to work. You know, things I’d get some real use out of….versus impulse buys. I DID get some sunglasses that I absolutely did not need, but they were on my WishList for a while. πŸ˜‰

Ermon Women’s Thong Flat Sandals $26.99

I like these sandals, and have worn them a couple times. I think they look exactly as they are advertised; however, I would say that my Target Birkenstock dupes seem much more well made. I don’t think I’d pay almost $30 for these again.

SATINATO Cardigan for Women $25.99

I LOVE this Cardigan. The quality is top notch…totally worth every penny if not more. And it’s stinking cute. I need it in more colors for sure!

SOJOS Oversized Square Sunglass $11.04

This is my favorite brand of sunnies to buy from Amazon, and they never disappoint.

J Adams Round Toe Slip on Sneaker $29.90

I am really pleased with these sneakers. They are super comfortable. They fit TTS.

ECOWISH Women’s Camoflage Print Leopard Pullover $20.99

The picture shoes this as an over sized looking sweater, but that wasn’t my experience. I even sized up to a L, and it just fits me like a normal top. Otherwise, I think it’s really well made and incredibly cute.

FHKDL Women’s Short Sleeve Flowy Tunic in Black & Green $16.99

I want these shirts in every color! They are so soft. So comfy. And so so cute. The fabric is a bit weighted which I think is totally necessary for a peplum style shirt so that it sits on the body in a flattering manner.

Grace Karin Long Knit Sweater Open Front Cardigan $24.99

I can’t get enough of this cardigan, and I also want it in multiple colors. (basically I want all the things in multiple colors LOL) I think it’s a really great light weight long cardigan that is perfect for sometimes chilly spring weather.

Thanks for stopping by and tagging along! What things have YOU bought from Amazon recently?? I need to replenish my Wish List! πŸ˜‰

— Ashley

The Pixie Cup

Well haaaay there! Happy Hump Day. πŸ™‚ Since I love sharing with you guys about the products I buy and use and I just recently bought a new menstrual cup , I thought I should get on the blog to sing the praises of using a menstrual cup, specifically my preferred brand : The Pixie Cup

Menstrual cups have so so many advantages over using a tampon or pad, but to name the top two? Ingredients in tampons and pads aren’t nearly as regulated as they should be and sometimes contain harmful chemicals like pesticides that your vaginal tissues are just soaking up while you let it sit there for hours on end + it’s better for the environment cause you’re not throwing away tampons or pads!

And the MAIN reason why I love my menstrual cup? I can live my life like I’m not even on my period. It won’t make your cramps completely go away or rid you of hormonal issues associated with your period BUT You forget that the cup is even inside you and forget that you are even on your period. Its. Fantastic. Because who wants to add the constant high maintenance physical reminder that is a tampon or pad to all the other issues your body and mental health face during a period?! Not me. That’s fo sho.

And and and… some people have experienced less cramping and shorter periods once they started using a cup regularly. And by **some people** I mean some people I read about online and this girl. Me. πŸ™‚ So that makes it a legit plus right?? πŸ˜‰

I could literally go on and on and on about the benefits of using a menstrual cup. And really, it’s one of those things that you won’t fully grasp until you experience it yourself.

In addition to hopefully convincing you to try menstrual cups in general I wanted to talk about the menstrual cup that I use. Because IDK if you know but there are a TON of different menstrual cups out there which is fantastic…but that may be a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out what brand to go with. I did a lot of researching and could find articles talking about all kinds of menstrual cups EXCEPT my beloved Pixie Cup. πŸ™ So, I decided to fill that particular deficit within the interwebs.

The Pixie Cup – this is the first menstrual cup I used and will probably be the last one I use unless they stop selling them. I should probably stock up to be safe from that….. ANYWAY I digress – you can buy the Pixie Cup directly from their site or from Amazon which is where I buy mine from. They are only $15.99 on Amazon.

Alright, so now I’m going to go into detail about why I prefer the Pixie Cup – but really to each their own.. we’re all made differently and what works for me may not work for you!

Firmness + Lip Size : I like how the Pixie Cup is so flexible, not very firm, and has a much smaller lip. This does mean that sometimes it’s harder to get the cup to unfold properly once it’s inserted BUT I don’t mind those few extra moments to get it situated in return for being more comfortable.

Size Variety : The Pixie Cup makes cups that are designed to be suitable for a low cervix and a pair that are suitable for a high cervix. And within each pair there is a cup for a heavier flow and one for a larger flow. There’s even an extra large size. The first one I used was the Pixie Large and I wasn’t unhappy with it, but this second time around I got the Luxe Large which is for a low cervix and it is perfect for me.

A Tip though if that little tab bothers you? Turn your cup inside out so that the little tab isn’t sticking out. You can always trim the tab – but for me it’s easier to just turn the cup inside out.

Buy one, give one : When you purchase a Pixie Cup the company donates one to a woman in need.

“We are so thankful and honored to work with many non-profit organizations both here in the United States and in various countries around the world! In fact, since we launched our Buy One Give One program in the summer of 2017, Pixie has donated over 13,000 Pixie Cups to women in need! “

From the Pixie Cup Website

Size + Fit : The sizing of a Pixie Cup is just really comfortable for me. And that’s also a thing that you aren’t going to be able to figure out for yourself until you give a menstrual cup a whirl. I will say that I do have the Diva Cup to compare to when it comes to size and fit – and after trying the Size 2 Diva Cup which is a tad bigger than the size large Pixie Cup – I knew for sure that the Pixie Cup was the one for me. For life.

Price Point : The Pixie Cup is so incredibly affordable in comparison to other big brands…namely the really well known Diva Cup that will typically be over $30. I also really like that Pixie offers a combo pack wherein you can buy the small and large size so that you’ll have both to test out if you’re unsure of which size to buy. The combo pack is only $22!

And there you have it: My unsolicited opinions about how menstrual cups are the BEST and a totally biased stellar review of the Pixie Cup in particular. πŸ™‚ What are your thoughts on using menstrual cups?

— Ashley

Spring Shoe Capsule

Hello hello! Happy Monday to you guys! I wanted to share with y’all my “Spring Shoe Capsule”, because lately I’ve decided to be more intentional about my clothing and shoe purchases. I have this terrible habit of shopping for a specific occasion with no regard for whether or not I’ll re wear the item OR I impulse buy when I see something pretty. Then, I end up with tons of shoes or clothing items that I hardly ever reuse which is just a total waste! So – because of this decision to shop more intentionally – I have started to curate a Spring Shoe Capsule that will serve me for work + play all throughout the spring and honestly even into the summer.

Birkenstock Style Sandals – this is a shoe that is a staple for me. I always have some style of knock off Birkenstock sandal for casual days so that I can easily slip them on and go. I’m not a flip flop kinda gal – and these slide sandals are the perfect substitute without leaving you looking so not put together like you can tend to look like in flip flops. πŸ˜‰

Ermon Womens Thong Flat Slides from Amazon $26.99

Leopard Slip On Sneakers – again, this is another staple in my closet and really it’s not exclusive to Spring time. I wear my leopard slip on sneakers all year round BUT it was time to replace the ones I bought last year which meant this new purchase ended up falling under my Spring Shoe Capsule.

J Adams Round Toe Slip on Sneaker from Amazon $29.90

Slide Sandals (work and weekend appropriate) – these sandals are Free People dupes and I’m smitten. I think that they are casual enough to go great with jeans and a t-shirt but they will also look good with a more “dressed” up business casual look. I got them in black and gold so that I can match them with any outfit.

Women’s Lissa Assymetrical Slide Sandals from Target – $24.99 (in black & Gold)

Heeled Sandals for “Casual/Dressy” occasions – these sandals are going to be perfect for nights out with my best girls or for a date night with my boo. I think that they could even be comfortable enough to wear all day at work if I felt the need to wear heels one day. πŸ˜‰

Women’s Estella Crossband Wood Platform Pumps from Target- $32.99

Heeled Sandal for Dressy Occasions – sooo yes, another shoe in leopard. But listen, leopard is the perfect neutral and I can’t think of much in my closet that wouldn’t get great with leopard print shoes. I think that these will be perfect for dressier date nights or dressier girls’ nights out!

Women’s Ema High Block Heeled Pumps from Target – $29.99

And that’s it! I can’t promise that I won’t buy any more shoes BUT I can’t really imagine why I’d need to! How do you guys shop for shoes and clothing? Do you do it on a whim or do you seek out specific items?

— Ashley