Valentine’s Day In Neutral

+ a random chit chat session

I’m not really one for color. Well, bright colors. I love neutrals. I love to dress in neutral colors and I like my home decor to be pretty neutral in color. That kind of aesthetic just appeals to me. And what’s great about all of these things is that yes, they can be associated with Valentine’s day BUT you could easily use them year round.

Sequin HeartMacrame Heart ShapeSherpa White Heart

Anyway, since Vday is coming up – I thought I’d share some Valentine’s Day eye candy in neutral. Something a little different…and something pretty to look at while we chit chat.

And also, you know – welcome to the blog. This is my first official post. So yeah, there’s that. It feels strange to write the first post. Kind of like figuring out how to start a conversation with someone. For me, that’s hard. For some people that’s a simple thing. But you see – here I am making it hard and awkward. It’s what I do. lol

Rose GarlandDried Flower WreathHeart Bunting

But, back to Valentine’s Day 😉 Do you guys celebrate? I think it’s so silly how some people get all grinch about Vday. I think it’s a fabulous holiday. It’s a great occasion to plan for some deliberate acts of love. A lot of times we tell our loved ones that we love them – and we show them in little acts of service that just come natural to us. However, sometimes a nice big showy out of the ordinary act can really spice things up and kind of throw in the face of that person you love all the love you’re carrying around for them. It never hurts to remind someone that you love that you love them. Like. Never ever.

And, I don’t just mean romantic love. I think people get caught up on the romance aspect of Valentine’s day and that’s just a very one dimensional way to look at the holiday. Our children, family, and friends should all be celebrated on Valentine’s day.

Cream & Black HeartWhite LipsWhite & Black Hearts

What do we have planned for Valentine’s Day? Well we always get the kids a small gift + some candy. I think this year I might start a themed dinner tradition. They’ve been into baking lately – so I think I’ll let them decorate some small individualized sized cakes with lots of Vday themed goodies. It’s a messy and easily stress inducing activity – but they love doing it and I love them.. so I’m going to let them do it. 😉

And maybe I’ll treat myself to some champagne. Acts of self love and pampering are important too. 😉

— Ashley