Hello Hello Hello!

First of all, thanks so much for being here. I realize there are a million other places that you could be spending your time on, and I’m grateful that you’ve taken a little bit of it for me. 🙂

What are we doing here though? Well, my name is Ashley Nicol and I’ve always always had a passion for writing and sharing my thoughts – so I’m here to basically carve out a little space on the internet where I share with you my life and style. And proving to you that basic is not boring.

This is not my first blog – I actually had a blog called Rage Against The MOMachine that I co-wrote with my bestfrand. The blog is no more but we still do weekly Facebook Lives and an **upcoming**  bi – monthly podcast. We’re all about living our best lives while we try to be the best moms we can but also smashing outdated parenthood stereotypes and expectations along with remembering to make ourselves a priority outside this all consuming gig called : MOM LIFE. So now, we’ve both got our own blogs – but still share a few RATMM adventures.

A few quick facts about me + some insight into exactly what kinds of things you’ll see me talk about around here:

I’m a mom to Cooper Grice (5 yrs) and Sophie Grace (3 yrs) , and I’m engaged to their dad.

Wine and coffee are my vices. I can’t live without them. Call me a basic mom… I embrace that label. 😉

I studied English Education at Mississippi University for Women (aka THE W). Have I ever actually taught? Nah. I decided that wasn’t the life I wanted to lead after all. I call it a change of heart/early life crisis 😉

I love to shop. I’ll shop for whatever. It makes me feel better and it’s my number one hobby.

After YEARS of working in clothing and food retail management – I currently work part-time in an office job so that I can focus on being present for my kids. I get to do things like pick them up from school everyday and have the flexibility to be off for school functions and/or sick days.