Amazon Birthday HAUL

Oh hello there… it’s me again..showing you some things that I got from Amazon. I briefly mentioned in my ‘Monthly Amazon Haul’ post for March that Shaun gifted me an Amazon Gift Card for my birthday, and that I planned on sharing those purchases with you separately. So! Here I am to do just that. 🙂

I tried to be really intentional about what I bought. I knew that I had become increasingly frustrated while trying to pick out clothes for work each day. I’d somehow allowed myself to accumulate a closet FULL of t-shirts even though I really rarely ever wear t-shirts! So, since he’d given me the Amazon Gift Card – I thought I’d use that opportunity to spend it on collecting some clothing items I can wear to work. You know, things I’d get some real use out of….versus impulse buys. I DID get some sunglasses that I absolutely did not need, but they were on my WishList for a while. 😉

Ermon Women’s Thong Flat Sandals $26.99

I like these sandals, and have worn them a couple times. I think they look exactly as they are advertised; however, I would say that my Target Birkenstock dupes seem much more well made. I don’t think I’d pay almost $30 for these again.

SATINATO Cardigan for Women $25.99

I LOVE this Cardigan. The quality is top notch…totally worth every penny if not more. And it’s stinking cute. I need it in more colors for sure!

SOJOS Oversized Square Sunglass $11.04

This is my favorite brand of sunnies to buy from Amazon, and they never disappoint.

J Adams Round Toe Slip on Sneaker $29.90

I am really pleased with these sneakers. They are super comfortable. They fit TTS.

ECOWISH Women’s Camoflage Print Leopard Pullover $20.99

The picture shoes this as an over sized looking sweater, but that wasn’t my experience. I even sized up to a L, and it just fits me like a normal top. Otherwise, I think it’s really well made and incredibly cute.

FHKDL Women’s Short Sleeve Flowy Tunic in Black & Green $16.99

I want these shirts in every color! They are so soft. So comfy. And so so cute. The fabric is a bit weighted which I think is totally necessary for a peplum style shirt so that it sits on the body in a flattering manner.

Grace Karin Long Knit Sweater Open Front Cardigan $24.99

I can’t get enough of this cardigan, and I also want it in multiple colors. (basically I want all the things in multiple colors LOL) I think it’s a really great light weight long cardigan that is perfect for sometimes chilly spring weather.

Thanks for stopping by and tagging along! What things have YOU bought from Amazon recently?? I need to replenish my Wish List! 😉

— Ashley