Landscaping Update

Hey hey, it is officially the middle of the work week and I somehow managed to FORGET to blog on Monday?! I just don’t even know what to say other than it’s been a long week already.

However, I am here today to share with you an update on the progression of our landscaping. I don’t know if you remember, but a few weeks back I posted about being inspired by Azaleas during a trip to Lucedale, MS. That inspiration solidified My ideas for what I wanted to do with the front yard – so shortly after writing that post I went to work finding the right landscaper to execute my vision.

Do it yourself, you say? Well listen, I’m all for that and totally envy those who have the ability and will power and time to do so…and yes it probably would have been a lot cheaper. But, we just aren’t work in the yard kind of people. And I really have zero experience + a bad track record with planting/keeping alive plants. Sooo, I called in an expert.

We ended up going with Impey’s Lawn Care, and I just can’t say enough about how great of an experience it was! He got out to the house quickly to get an idea of what I wanted and give me an estimate. We are also using them for bi-monthly yard maintenance (i.e. cutting the grass, weed eating, etc.) which is nice to not have to worry about that on top of all the other things we have going on. Our yard is super tiny – and we don’t have any kind of outside storage to put yard tools in… so we figured at this point in our lives it would be easier to just pay someone to come out and take care of it for us.

So what exactly did we do? Well, we got the beds defined and filled with black mulch. There are 8 cute little mini Azalea bushes along the edge of the porch. We went with minis which will grow and fill out the space versus a full size Azalea bush that would eventually overwhelm the area. The blooms are pink, per Sophie Grace’s request. That was the first thing she said when Mr. Impey arrived to give us the estimate: “I want PANK flowers.” She’s three and southern so pink is prounced, p-ank. 😉

Shaun wanted ferns hanging from the porch, and I have got to say that they are probably my favorite part of the whole thing! I just love how southern it looks. Seriously, all the heart eyes.

We also have a small bed in the back of the house by the drive way, that he defined and added mulch to. We didn’t change any of the plants there.

Our house is only almost four years old – and has had one previous owner who seemed to live there alone and traveled a lot. So when we moved in we were left with the remnants of builder grade landscaping that had not been taken care of. The changes we made were not huge – but it just makes a big difference. And it feels so nice to have that checked off our to do list!

Now, all I need to do is find the perfect furniture and accessories for the front porch to complete the look. Are you guys doing any sprucing up to your yard or porches? Have any good leads on cute outdoor furniture? Let me know in the comments!

— Ashley