Easter Basket Ideas for Girls + Boys

It’s that time of year when we parents start thinking about ideas for filling our children’s Easter Baskets. We’ve never been the type to fill them with outrageously expensive things, but I try not to just buy a bunch of junk that will thrill them in the moment but end up neglected until the end of time 30 minutes after they rifle through their baskets! You know, similar to the Happy meal toy effect. It gives them a quick rush to see what toy is in the box – then they promptly forget about said toy and it just sits in the bottom of the toy box until I throw it out weeks later during a purge.

SO with all that being said – I decided that it is time to get my booty in gear and go ahead and make some intentional choices about what I’m putting in their Easter baskets. And, as a way to organize and coral my ideas – I’m going to share them here on the blog!

For reference, I have a 3.5 year old sassy little girl who loves all things pink, unicorn, and mermaid. Bubbles and bath bombs are some of her favorite things in life. And I have newly 6 year old little boy who is obsessed with video games, army dude life, and spider man. He also lives for a good bath bomb and is really into drawing/coloring lately.

  1. Yoobi Unicorn and Mermaid Chalk Sets $4.99-$5.99

2. Yoobi Polka Dot Chalk set $3.49

3. Essential Oil Infused Egg Bath Bombs (set of 6) $12.99 – I did run across this cute DIY for Egg Bath Bombs on A Beautiful Mess … but I know that for me, in the end buying them already made is the way to go. 😉

4. Sunglasses I love these Flower Sunglasses for Sophie and these aviator style for Coop $9.99 -12.98 – They can always use a pair of sunglasses + these will be great to have on our beach trip.

5. Something you can’ t have enough of when you have kids? Water bottles! And yet another thing that will come in handy during a beach trip…or any trip..even to the park or grocery store. 😉 I found this Minecraft one and Princess one at Target – $14.99

6. My kids are loving temporary tattoos lately. I think this Army set and this ‘girly’ set would really make Sophie and Coop happy. However, any random set of temporary tattoos would suffice! $3.97-3.99

7. Another thing that’s always a hit for my kids are bubble guns. I ran across this Unicorn set and this Tiger/Wolf set that would make my babes ecstatic – $12.99

8. I would be remiss if I didn’t include some kind of art related item in their baskets. Sophie Grace lives for water coloring books like these and I love them because she isn’t drawing on things around the house! I found these ‘how to draw’ books for kids that I think Coop would die over! – $6.31-13.99

And then beyond the ‘toy’ treats – I always fill their baskets with some of their favorite candies. 🙂 Because would it be an Easter basket without a few sweet treats?? 😉 What do you guys put in your kids’ Easter Baskets??

— Ashley