Our Destin, FL Vacation Recap

Hey there, and happy Monday to you! I thought I’d drop by today to share with you how our little mini getaway in Destin went. We decided to take a little family vacation during Cooper’s Spring break, and I am so so so glad that we did. This was our first family vacation, and I can’t wait for many more to follow wherein we fill up that memory tank with our babes. 🙂

Our kids are three and six – and I still had the whole worry over dealing with bedtime outside of our home. We are strict bedtime routine kinda people… so I anticipated struggling with getting the kids to bed. BUT to my surprise they passed out both nights. Albeit they went to bed a bit later than what we do at home…but that was mainly because we didn’t want to rush ourselves. Usually the kids are getting baths by seven and asleep by eight. Both nights that we were away they passed out by nine. So just an hour later than usual. 🙂

We ended up having to stay in two different places, because Shaun got a little mixed up on the dates when he was originally booking our condo. By the time he realized his mistake – it was too close to our trip to add an additional day at the original condo we planned on staying in… but it worked out ok. 🙂 The first night we stayed in a traditional hotel which wasn’t the funnest because we were all in one room and I felt like I was continually telling the kids to calm down. LOL We didn’t want to be those annoying people with loud kids in a hotel.

And besides having to switch rooms mid stay – the only stressful thing was dealing with Cooper’s anxiety which was heightened because of the switching places to stay and not really having any solid plans to be able to answer the, “What’s next?” question.

So, what did we do? Well the first day after we arrived – we checked in and took the kids straight to the pool. After about an hour after the pool, we got cleaned up and went to dinner at Fudpuckers. We were early enough to beat the crowd so that there wasn’t a wait to get our table. And it’s a family atmosphere so we didn’t have to stress that the kids were antsy at the table. In real life we never take them out to eat except for special occasions. 😉 They also loved seeing all the live alligators AND there was a little playground for them to run around at after dinner. When we were finished at Fudpuckers we hit up a little touristy amusement/goofy golf place. The kids loved it. And then after that obviously, we had to check out the Super Target… you know for gathering some “necessary” supplies. After we got back to the hotel – the kids were ready for round two at the pool.

Our second day consisted of lunch – then visiting Henderson Beach State Park – going to the Bass Pro Shope – getting ice cream – and playing at the playground in the Destin Commons Shopping Center – then checking into our condo and more pool time there.

The weather was absolutely perfect that day – and hearing the kids’ excitement over seeing the beautiful beaches for the first time was so sweet. The water was still a bit too cold for me, but they could have cared less!

We did an easy dinner of take out in the condo that night. Everyone was wiped and just needed some low key downtime to rest and relax.

We checked out the beach for one last time before left on our last day around noon. The kids slept the entire almost three our ride back home. We were all sad to leave – but happy to be back home in our own beds that night.

What’s your favorite kind of get a way to take? We love the beach around here. 🙂

— Ashley