Saturday Share 4.27.19

Hello hello…and Happy Saturday to you. πŸ™‚ I hope that your day is going well – and if you need something to scroll through while you enjoy a few quiet moments with yourself and your phone or computer – I’ve got some interesting things for ya to take a peep at. Depending on when you read this today – Shaun and I are either on our way or currently knee deep in a Toy Show in St. Tammany Louisiana. Wish us luck and send all the good vibes that we sell off a big chunk of his toy collection. πŸ™‚

What’s Saturday Share? I started this little series on the blog that runs on Saturdays where I share with you some of the things I’ve run across online that have caught my eye and made me linger for a bit. What kinds of things you ask? Well most likely there will be lots of links to blog posts I’ve read throughout the week, or links to products I want to buy, or maybe even a few funny memes. The possibilities are just really endless!

  • This article about saying goodbye to Payless held me captive. I mean – just read this quote and tell me you don’t want to click over and read the whole thing? I definitely did. Twice.

Payless demonstrates who the so-called β€œretail apocalypse” is actually hurting. Most media coverage of the chain’s demise has focused on declining revenue and on the changing whims of consumers. But it’s the lowest-paid workers who are truly feeling this loss. They’re also the ones who need accessible brick and mortar shops. Shopping online still requires relative privilege β€” reliable internet, credit, a secure address, etc. Big-box stores like Walmart and Target are, frankly, exhausting β€” I’m an able-bodied adult and I get tired just thinking about going to one. Payless is going away, but like so many things in our current economy β€” full-time employment, affordable education, healthcare β€” it won’t be replaced by something that actually meets people’s needs, especially the needs of the very people this system marginalizes.

  • These Foodie Dice on Amazon are GENIUS. lol Seems like a cute and fun way to help with that ever frustrating question, “What do you want to eat?”
  • My favorite accessory shop Nickel and Suede is running their Mother’s Day Sale where you get 15% off sitewide. AND they introduced the cutest mommy and me sets that kinda make me wish Sophie Grace was a bit older and had pierced ears. πŸ˜‰ I did grab a pair for myself – cause you know.. I needed a new pair of N&S earrings. πŸ˜‰
  • Speaking of cheap shoes… I mentioned buying some knock off Birkenstock Rubber Sandals in a previous Saturday Share , and well I’m here to give an update that is all thumbs up. You need these in your life. They are super cute and so practical. I wore them during our Destin trip which they were perfect for moving from beach to pool and back again without having worry about any damage to the shoe! I got mine from Walmart, but I did find an option on Amazon.
  • I do this thing when I get hooked on a song where I’ll unashamedly listen to it over and over again. Sucker by the Jonas Brothers is my current indulgence.

That’s it you guys – three cheers to the weekend… I hope you make the most of it. πŸ™‚

— Ashley